Sunday, February 23, 2014


I don't keep a blog to air my complaints to the world.  Even my Mommy blog, which is largely complaining, isn't to complain.  Each serves its own purpose.  The Mommy blog makes light of the often tedious task of parenting, while this blog has allowed me to shed layers and layers of facades to reveal what is true to me.

Yet tonight I am humbled by the struggle of another and feeling a little guilty about what feels like complaining when recognizing what he is going through.  Rarely are those facing a struggle deserving of the suffering they endure.  Whatever we are presented with, we can choose courage and grace or we can cower.  Truth be told, no one escapes the cowering completely.  I certainly feared and floundered and fled. But I try to stand tall, to be brave, and to be honest, and I know he will do the same.

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