Friday, January 3, 2014


Lots of people out there suffer from Season Affective Disorder, aptly referred to as SAD.  Not this kid.  This weekend, I embark on an adventure in loving even this season's outdoors.  My husband and I and our two crazy friends will spend the next three days camping in the frigid Wisconsin winter.  When I say frigid, I mean it.  The lows will be fairly well below zero, with Sunday's high topping out at a whopping zero.

Why does this information belong in this blog, of all places?  Nature soothes me.  It always has.  There's no place I feel more alive and more myself than quiet and in the forest.  I love running water.  I love fallen trees.  I love the silence of the woods in winter.

I'm starting a new path too, today.  I am slowly going to stop taking my medication.  While it has proved helpful to get me through the worst of all of this, I have never liked the idea of it.  Medication alters my body in a way that I am not comfortable, chemically supplementing what I should be getting from my food, lifestyle and mindset.  So, while I will be cold, I will be exploring, feeling alive and embarking on the next step in this journey toward wellness.

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